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09 Sep Led Strip Lights Buying Guide
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What is Led Strip Lights? LED light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a ribbon-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hardboard, which is named after its product shape is like a ribbon. It h..
09 Sep What should be paid attention to when repairing LED strip lights?
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The LED strip lights used at home have been used for a long time, and some minor faults may occur. If you encounter such a problem, you can first troubleshoot the cause. At the same time, pay attentio..
09 Sep What is the difference between low-voltage LED strips and high-voltage strips?
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Common LED lights have high-voltage LED strips and low-voltage LED strips. High-voltage LED strips are also called AC strips, and low-voltage LED strips are also called DC strips. What is the differen..
09 Sep The use of color of led lights in different scenes
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Jadisi LED strips are very rich in colors and have strong decorative effects, which can meet the needs of different places. They are cheap and very durable, so they are favored by more and more consum..
07 Sep What are the colors of indoor LED light strips?
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Indoor LED light strips can be applied in many places, and the colors are diverse, and they are deeply loved by people. What are the specific colors?The color classification of LED strips is:1. Colore..
07 Sep How to test the color temperature of LED strips?
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Have you ever understood the term "color temperature"? In fact, the color temperature heats a black body to a certain temperature. When the color of the light emitted by it is the same as the color of..
07 Sep The use of LED hard light strip and LED soft light strip
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Led lamps to come with many accessories, such as lamp beads, wires, resistors, etc. Generally speaking, the length of each light strip is 10-100 meters. Before we buy, we can measure the required size..
07 Sep Can LED strips replace traditional LED lamps?
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LED light strips have become an indispensable lighting product in our lives. Can it really replace traditional Led lamps? In my opinion, everything is possible.Led light strips can not only realize th..
07 Sep What are the advantages of led lights?
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With the continuous maturity of LED light strips, many hotel lamps are constantly improving, which greatly saves a large part of the cost. The lighting of many hotels still stays in some traditional l..
03 Sep 5 usage scenarios of Jadis led light strips
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Led light strips are ubiquitous in life. They can set off different atmospheres in different scenes. They can be colorful or quiet. Set the light change mode in advance to experience different lightin..
26 Aug 5 characteristics of smart home led strip
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Led light strips are too widely used in home decoration. It can not only improve the amount of lighting in the provided space but also provide changes and vividness of lighting colors, thereby increas..
26 Aug What are the benefits of using Led light strips at home?
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There are many benefits of using LED strips at home. When deciding to switch from traditional incandescent lighting to environmentally friendly alternatives, do not limit yourself to LED bulbs. Instea..
26 Aug How to install LED lights in the bedroom more comfortable?
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The bedroom is a place to relax and rest after a busy day. Everyone has different requirements for bedroom decoration. The led light belt can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom wall, how to set it m..
24 Aug Jadisi:Application of office led light strip
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        The applications of LED strips range from residential to commercial, everywhere. One of the most commonly used LED lighting solutions is recessed lighting. It is a light fixture installed on t..
24 Aug Jadisi:What are the differences between led light strips and light troughs?
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        Led light strips and light troughs are very common decorations in life. Although they can all emit light and can adjust the indoor atmosphere, they also have many differences. Let's take a loo..
24 Aug Jadisi:How to choose and buy led light strips?
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        The led light strip can create a romantic and warm atmosphere and add beautiful colors to the indoor space. Appropriate use of led lights to decorate our home will have unexpected effects. So,..
13 Aug Jadisi: LED lights with
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The Home led strip lights have a problem with its fog because it will cause water droplets and fog in the inner cavity of the housing after it has been illuminated for a period of time. LED lamps are ..
10 Aug Jadisi: How to install LED strips correctly
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        How to install the Jadisi Led light strip correctly:         1. First clarify the length to be installed, and then take an integer extraction. Since this type of light strip is a module of one..
20 Jul Jadisi:How to design trendy room lighting?
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        Your bedroom is probably the most comfortable and warm place to unwind after a grueling day. Therefore, as homeowners, you have to spend a little more time and effort enhancing your bedroom’s ..
20 Jul Jadisi:Choosing a safe and reliable LED light strip needs to know these 5 points
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There are many types of LED light strips. How do choose LED light strips for general home decoration and commercial atmosphere lighting?The purchase of LED strips is tricky. When purchasing LED strips..
20 Jul Jadisi:How to choose a light strip? Demystify those tips for choosing LED strips!
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        For general home decoration and commercial places, how to choose Home led strip lights? I believe that these scenes make a lot of cute people very scratching. Now follow the footsteps of JADIS..
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