Jadisi LED strips are very rich in colors and have strong decorative effects, which can meet the needs of different places. They are cheap and very durable, so they are favored by more and more consumers. So, what color is better when we choose the light strip?

When choosing the color of the led light strip, we can choose the appropriate color according to our own preferences and decoration style. The ceiling generally chooses white, yellow, and light colors. According to the usage of the room, the living room usually chooses warm yellow and blue light strips, because warm yellow light gives people a warm and comfortable feeling, especially in cold winter. Feel. Blue gives people a higher and more profound feeling.

If you like a festive color, you can choose red. If you choose a red and blue light strip with a controller, it will give people a particularly romantic feeling. The restaurant is more suitable for yellow light strips; the children's room is suitable for yellow and colored light strips, but it is better to have one color light stripper room, otherwise, it will feel very dazzling.

Like some signboards or landscape decorations, red and blue are generally chosen, or red and blue neon lights, which give people a more dazzling feeling. In fact, there is no standard for the color of the light belt. You still have to choose the right color of the light belt according to your preferences, decoration style, and place of use.